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Hey Blissful Day Massage,

"Post Op Lymphatic Massage is what we do!"

The benefits of Post/ Op Lymphatic Massage extends far beyond pain relief.

Regular Post/Op Lymphatic Massages can help:

  • Reduce swelling

  • Reduce tightness and tension

  • Soothe surgery related skin irritation

  • Help prevent the development of fibrosis

  • Improve sleep patterns

  • Reduce surgery related anxiety & discomfort

  • Smooth hard spots

  • Most Importantly....Speed the recovery time!


We travel to you, upto 35 miles of Metro Detroit.


We travel to you, up to 35 miles

of Metro Detroit.

Appointments available-

Monday- Friday 9am-7pm

Saturday 9am-2pm

Sunday Closed


(313) 314-5114

Professional Aftercare for:

  • Breast Lifts or Reductions

  • BBL's

  • Aggressive Lipo

  • Enhance Smart Lipo Recovery

  • Improve Cool Sculpting Results

  • C-Section Recovery

  • Skin Removal & Full Body Lift Recovery

  • & Other Cosmetic Surgery Recovery.


To heal properly you'll need:

A good Faja

Boppy or BBL Pillow

Lipo Foams

Ab Boards & Back Boards

Gels, Ointments, Tea's etc.

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